Have bot read specific cell in Excel and match it with a file in a directory then move file to another folder


I am wondering if anyone has tried to do the above? I can’t seem to figure out how to get the bot to read a specific cell from an Excel, if what is in the Excel matches with the name of the file in a directory, move that file into another folder.

For more details, I have an excel file and in Column H, it has the file names. Example: Test1.pdf in Cell H1, Test2.pdf in Cell H2, Test3.pdf in Cell H3. I have a directory that contains these PDFs (Test1, Test2, Test3). Let’s say they are in U:\Files. There is a another folder in that directory called “Other Folder.” (U:\Files\Other Folder). I want the bot to be able to read each row on the excel, and if the cell matches the file name in the directory, it gets moved to the “Other Folder”.

Any input would be nice! Thank you!

Hi @michael.tran,
Dictionary is the key value pair. How the dictionary value present.

If you get the exact path information using movefile activity to transfer one location to another location.


Hi @michael.tran welcome to forum
Check this workflowexcel.zip (123.3 KB)

Hope it helps you

Nived N
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Hello Nived! This was definitely helpful thank you! I am running into an issue now where it continues to loop even though it has successfully found the file. Please see screenshot. I tried using a “Break” activity, however that did not work.


Can u share the screenshot of Workflow

Hello Nived!

Nevermind, I actually was able to figure this out! Thank you for the help again!

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