Transaction Status show successful even though transaction is not completed-Assignment 2-Level 3

Transaction Status show successful even though transaction is not completed.The yearly report has only been collated until June as shown in pic attached.

Yet why does it show transaction successful.This is not the correct thing to do i suppose.
In above case the execution was stopped manually by me.

Any pointers please ? I think i need to work on retry logic/
Because of this,next time when it starts the process i expect it to resume from where it left.(Ex July monthly download in this case)

But it starts with next transaction
Attaching my set transaction status XAML.SetTransactionStatus.xaml (49.6 KB)

Thank u !

Even if you stop the flow manually, it will update the process status and then it stops the process @Vidya_Srinivasan.

But its updating wrong status.I mean ideally it should collate yearly with monthly for all 12 months.

Here even if it collates until june,it says success.

Isnt this logic flawed.

The status is whether the file is uploaded correctly or not @Vidya_Srinivasan. It won’t check the file while uploading I mean it won’t check whether it contains 12 months data or less. That is done by the confirmation ID you got.


ok got it…thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Happy to help @Vidya_Srinivasan :slight_smile:

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