Toast message text

How to get toast message text in UiPath?

By giving annotations, right click and choose add annotations.
Are you asking this ?, or if it is not correct, can yo show some example.

Hi Sachin,
I need to capture the text “Course has been deleted successfully” from the webpage

Oh, i wrongly understood. So first of tell me, it will come only after clicking on certain icon or by hovering.
Or you can share some selector like what issue you are facing exactly in getting data from these toast messages.

When clicked on the delete confirmation, a success message toast will be displayed. I need to capture that text

I tried with Get Attribute of that toast message. But i am getting Runtime execution error. This is the error message “Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector”

Yes , its dynamically creating, can you share the selector or open that into Ui Explorer then take a screenshot.

@sneha.mohan Have you tried using On element appear or using Retry scope?

I am not able to indicate “toast message” element. Can you please explain how to indicate element on screen

In fact, I don’t have a perfect example for toast message to work on it. But I’ve tried to capture the so-called Toast message from the UiPath cloud which will appear when tried to click on copy button for user-key/name from API access. PFB for the reference,

I haven’t put up any extra effort… I have used Get full text activity. For me, it worked fine!!