Troubles with getting text from Chrome Pop Up

I’m trying to get confirmation ID from Chrome Pop Up according to Advanced Training - Generate Yearly Report. I’ve found following solution: Double Click image - Send Hotkey ctrl+a - Send Hotkey ctrl+c - Get Text From Clipboard. But for some reason sending ctrl+c to Chrome opens Dev Toolkit instead of copying text. I tried to use Copy Selected Text activity, but it returned empty string.

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kindly try with GET TEXT method or SCREEN SCRAPPING method from design tab in studio

this will give u the text from popup as well
make sure that these activities are used within a attach window activity where that popup is chosen as element for attach window

hope this would helpyou
Cheers @Maksim_Halkin

We have lot of topics which will give you more than 4 types to get the confirmation id, please check the below @Maksim_Halkin

Thanks for replying @Palaniyappan
Unfortunately OCR isn’t 100% reliable. And UiPath cannot choose Chrome Pop Ups as separate element. I’m choosing whole Chrome window

screen scrapping is not only about ocr
we got three options in FULL TEXT, NATIVE TEXT and then only OCR TEXT
we can choose FULL TEXT
and either OCR TEXT though slower method among others it is still a reliable method

Cheers @Maksim_Halkin

Unfortunately other options don’t get text in pop up at all

is the screen scrapping is used within attach window activity

I have tried this. The result is the same

Hmm, that would actually work for sure
were we able to select that popup as element

No, UiPath cannot select Chrome pop ups as element, thats the main problem(