To write Scraped data to Excel


I am already having an excel file having 2 columns, now I wanted to add the third column to it, whose values will be coming after scraping data from the web.

I am getting the correct value of data scrapped, but I am unable to write into the third column, corresponding to its values for each row.

Please help me with this.


@Kajal_Singhal Use for each for data row for scrapped datatable and in inner loop with excel datatable.
With if condition you check the match column values from both datatables.

  1. If value is matched then insert the value from scrapped datatable like below using assign activity after that use break activity to come out of inner loop and continue next row.
    row(2)=value from scrapped datatable column for the current row

Note: add new column to excel datatable before for each.

You can also make above solution more fast also or you can do same thing with database activities also.

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