To read the row from one excel and save it as columns in another excel


I’m trying to read a Excel1 and fetch the details from it.
After fetching the details i.e the rows from excel1,
I want to save it as columns in Excel2.

Attaching the screenshots.
Input: Excel1

Output: Excel2

Thanks in Advance!

@ray_sha Can you check this Activity :

Hey @supermanPunch,
Thanks for the reply.

I don’t want to transpose it.

As I take the rows from excel1,I perform some activities and get an output.
When I get the desired format in excel2, I save the output in cell below 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in excel2


Is this possible ???
Is there any solution??

@ray_sha Can you give some other examples as well, As per the Screenshots given above, it looked like a Simple Transpose, but if it is not what you needed, then can you explain more with some other data

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sure @supermanPunch,

I’ll do that.

Hey @supermanPunch,

Please find this,
I’ve tried my best to explain:

Sorry for the confusion and Thanks much!