To open File one by one from a Application (open, do task, save, close)

I have 4 different Files to be opened one by one. To do some changes and save, close.
I have used these steps.
1.With the help of Use application activity opened the application
2.Used Type Into ‘edit’ to go the file location folder
3.Used For each File in folder. (please let me know how to open the file one by one)
It would be helpful if anyone would help on it.
Attached two image
1.Files in folder

2.Activites used

you can do API integration or if u r good in coding use invoke code i UiPath studio

“For Each File in Folder” activity give you a “FileInfo” type variable, which is the variable “ArrFiles” in your screenshot

You can use ArrFiles.FullName to get each file path in string type

My suggestion is

1.) Use “Use Application/Browser” activity
2.) Within the “Do” section of “Use Application/Browser”, use “For Each File in Folder” activity
3.) Within the “Do” section of “For Each File in Folder”, type the file path (ArrFiles.FullName) in the application “File name” blank, and click “Open”

nice. can help me to send a sample of it?