To create new folder with date and copy the files into it

I am new to this forum so to this RPA development. I have got one assignment from my company and in one part of the assignment, i need to -

  1. Create a new folder with date 
  2. Copy the invoice pdf’s into the new folder and Create new excel sheet (File name should be date specific).

I have used Excel Application Scope, but I m getting this error- “Write Range : Exception from HRESULT: 0x800AC472”
Any leads would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Hi @bhosalepranav21,

Use Create Directory Activity for the above question

Move File Activity

Instead, Can you try Read Range under Workbook ? (Note: If your file is in .Xlsx Format)

Request you to refer the site for detailed idea on this tool !
Dominic :slight_smile:

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It is working. Thanks Dominic. Appreciated.

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Ok. Sure. Let me confirm the assignment, there are couple of pdf files which are in one folder. Bot should reach the invoice number from each pdf file and copy that number into an excel sheet.

You may share your xmal file so that i look into the issue. Thanks Suresh

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Hi @MadhraSuresh,
I’m attaching the xaml file and scenario as well. Could you please have a look into it and guide me? Thanks in advance.
Main.xaml (40.3 KB)


  1. Read the pdf
  2. Fetch the invoice values
  3. Create a new folder with date
  4. Copy the invoice pdf’s into the new folder and Create new excel sheet (File name should be date specific)
  5. Create a header row and then feed the invoice data into it
  6. Send email (with excel attachment) in the below format as content and send it to your own mail id

The attached excel sheet contains today’s invoice details and the invoices are copied under the folder for your reference.

Accounts Team

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what needs to be done in order to copy the file instead of moving the file from one folder to another ?
Please let me know the solution

Thank you

@aswini_sai, what do you mean by copying ? May we know what you wanna do exactly ?

Dom :slight_smile: