This job cannot run with the current folder configurations

Hi, im trying to run the job from orchestrator, Im facing below issue :
“Windows process. This job can only run on a windows machine and there is none connected to this folder.”
Please help me to solve this problem. Thank you in advance
Screenshot 2023-06-09 105924


Is there any machine (template) in the folder? For now, can you check it at Tenant - Folder?


already connect with the machine, all connection is okay. But still error


Can you share settings for machine in Tenant-Folder like the previous my image?


as per request,

I also have the same error, all process worked fine last week and now every process in folder/subfolder are pending due to this. Is there any solution you found? @PASB_BOT

hey, I already solved this problem after get solution from UiPath support. check the connection of your bot license.

  1. go to the folder > Automation > Job > choose your pending job, click triple dot, > click restart > check make sure have connection.

  2. check another connected, go to tenant > License > See more

  3. Make sure license status in green light

  4. If not connected, connect at UiPath assistant

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