There is a problem with the zip file of Lesson 14

There is nothing in this zip file.
The downloaded file should be 472 bytes, but it has only 1 byte.

Hello @shingo_kanazawa,
which one do you mean? Recap_Answers, link here.
I hope it is same in english version.

br, Jakub

Mr. Jakub, Thank you for providing the information.
However, I can not judge if this file is the same as the English version.
Because even if I change the language setting of the Academy to English, the downloaded file is
There is only 1 byte.

I see … so maybe someone with same language version can help you more. But if your lesson 14 is same as english (recapitulation, one final excercise), it is not neccesary to have it, so I wanted to ask - this zip file, do you really need the content of it, to continue the training? Or you are only interested in it? Since it is enough just to download it and press “Next” button.

This zip file is not very important to me.
I am already able to proceed Lesson 14.
I hope to fix the zip file so that someone other than me does not feel regrettable.