In Academy>Data Manipulation>Practice 4 Download File Incomplete

Once the download file is downloaded and unzipped and the dependencies are repaired/accepted the contents are empty (incomplete automation project). It’s an empty shell. Please update material. Thank you!

Hi @jimritt,

They are (still) working on my end, just checked. And you are the first user reporting this, so it might be on your end.

Are you talking about the first zip file in Practice 4 (the one with Initial workflow in the name) or the second one, after the solution? Because if you are talking about the first one, it is intended to be an empty workflow with the Dictionary variable defined. And you have to solve it according to the instructions.


Hi Razvan,

I apologize. You’re right. I misinterpreted this as an issue. I did not understand this initially, or catch the ‘Initial’ vs. ‘Workflow’. I agree there are no issues with this section. I really appreciate the follow up. Thank you for everything you do!