'Then' and 'Else' position inverted in IF activity

Hi everyone,

Has anyone facing this issue?
The ‘Then’ and ‘Else’ sequence is inverted in IF activity as per attached screenshot.

How can I make it to IF-Then-Else instead of IF-Else-Then?


Hi @Gwen

Did you try updating UiPath.System.Activities to the latest version. If you are using old version of UiPath Studio try downloading the latest version.



Which version of Studio do you use? If old version or beta/preview version, can you try to upgrade to the latest stable?


Hi @vrdabberu, @Yoichi,
I’m using UiPath Studio Enterprise version - 22.10.4.
My project dependencies are as below:

Hi All,

I have managed to solve it by updating the dependency for UiPath.System.Activities to newer version and revert back to 22.10.4. Then, it return to normal now.

Hi @Gwen

When using the 22.10.4 version it’s better to upgrade all the packages to the latest version and keep the runtime rule as Lowest Applicable Version. So, that it will take the packages compatible with that version.


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