The RPA Workflow does not end

Hello, Guys~?

I made a RPA Workflows for sending e - mail.
This workflow read the data from Excel file that has not been sent and send it.
If the Excel file does not contain any unsent mail information, the workflow has been terminated. (The Red Box)

The mailing is send well.
However, the operation will not be completed after the sending completion statement is published. When I press the confirmation button of the sending completion statement, the phrase continues to appear.

What did I do wrong?
Can you let me know?

Please, help me, guys~

do you excel have any column that contains complete incomplete? if yes, please ensure that you have workflow activities that updates all incomplete to complete.

you know how your status column has binary, lets say OK and Not OK, here you will use your true and false, if — is Not OK, then it will loop to send email, change the status to OK, and then repeat for the second Not OK transaction. the once all Not OK are changed to OK, the workflow will stop itself.

before that, you were trying to send something without an identifier, with no identifier available, your workflow will continuously cycle itself over and over each of your transaction till your computer crash because there is no clear condition for the workflow to end itself.

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