The process cannot access the file xxxxx because it is being used by another process."

Hello, I trying to read the excel file, checking first “A” CELL and go to in website for get one “status” and write in the “E” CELL of the same Excel file.
Using the Activity as “Append Line” the process works but when I try to use the write range for put the information in “E” Cell it is not working, showing the message :
“Write Cell: The process cannot access the file ‘totvs.xlsx’ because it is being used by another process.”

I am sending my process in doc3 attached and if necessary I can send xaml.
could help me how fix in my project?
Doc3.docx (656.5 KB)

It looks like you’re still inside your excel application scope, which has the file open. Move that action outside of your excel scope.

Tes I am in App Scope. Please, how can I to write the same excel with the informaion in “E” Cell updated out of Scope? Which activity must to use?
thank you

Use the “Write cell” activity in App Integration>Excel.
You currently are using the “write cell” from System>File>Workbook:


Ok but this option I can to use in App Scope or not? thanks

Yes, this one you can use in the App Scope. You should just be able to replace the current action with this one.

thank you.

No problem! Feel free to mark my answer as the solution, as it’d be my first one! :smiley:

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