The given mail message does not specify a date

Get Download mail only "today attachments "in Outlook mail
But not download today mails

Hi @Vishnu_Reddy1

Please try to set the filter on Get mail message properties as below:

"[ReceivedTime] >= '"+now.ToShortDateString+"' AND [ReceivedTime] <= '"+now.ToString +"'"

For Reference


Hey @Vishnu_Reddy1

What activities you are currently using for this ?


Hello @Vishnu_Reddy1

Please share the property which you have set in the activity for the filtering of emails.


Tq for the help

I am using same condition in filter it’s not working.

“[Received] >='” +Date and time.Today.ToString(“d”)+“00:00AM’”

Using this condition is download all mail attachments…

“[Received] <='” +Date and time.Today.ToString(“d”)+“00:00AM’”

I want only today’s attachments only…

Please help me…