Download outlook todays email

how to download outlook mail(inbox) which is received todays


Based on the date, we may find many emails. It’s better to include some other filter option like Subject, Sender etc. along with date.

Are you ok to add other options along with the date ? If yes then pls let me know which one want to add ?

put filter as "[Received] >= '" + DateTime.Today.ToString("d") + " 00:00AM'"

requirement is dont add any filters except date…


May I know how many mails do you receive per day ?

it’s not mention there


We can read emails which is received today but we may find other emails also along with the required email. Can you please check with client how to identify that particular email. So that we can help you to read the email.

If you don’t have any other filter options then try the expression shared by @jack.chan

its requirement is download the file which has attachment

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