The AI Fabric Section not avaliable in the Orchestrator

Dear All,
I can not see the AI Fabric section avaliable on my orchestrator tenent as below.

I want to check whether the deployed sentiment analysis model is avaliable in the orchestrator but the section is not there :frowning:

Anyways, is the appreance of my orcestrator looks different than the usual orchestrator feed that everybody gets ? :slight_smile:

Thank You !

Hey @Rusira_Liyanage,

It might have disabled in your orchestrator.
Kindly enable it using the following.

  1. The ‘Admin’ section.
  2. Then the ‘Services’ page, and clicking ‘Edit’
  3. Followed by ‘Other Services’
  4. Enabling AI Fabric.


Hi @Sanjit_Pal ,

I can already see AI Fabric avaliable as shown in the Admin pannel as below.

Have I got wrong ? is it not the right section in admin pannel ? :frowning:

Thank you :slight_smile:

@Rusira_Liyanage , as I can also see the AI Center is already enabled for your tenant, just check if the more button is coming or not the AI Center option might be available under that more button as all the UI elements are not visible in the signle grid

Hi @Sanjit_Pal ,

The AI Fabric section is actually avaliable in the Automation Hub but the problem is, it is not avaliable in the orchestrator.

As you guided, I checked on the automation hub and all the sections are avaliable in one go without a more button as below.

Neverthless I just wanted to check why my orchestrator is not sounds like what I see in youtube videos all the time and I saw they are mentioning the “AI Fabric” part in the orchestrator which is not shown in my case as below :frowning:

Thank you :slight_smile:

There might some changes in the cloud portal that’s why it’s not showing in your case, you are using the latest version of the cloud orch and the videos you have seen are of older version

Yeah I see … , those videos are from between the years of 2020 - 2021 :neutral_face:

So there is only the UI changes, however the AI Center is available for your tenant you can utilize it.

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