Text with color in Email body content without HTML

Hi Team,
Is there possible to add color text in the email body content?

Actually i want to indicate overall failure count in ‘Red’ with bold in email body content apart from my overall report attachment for quick review. But the email body content should be in configurable. That’s trying to use without HTML option. Is it possible?

Thanks in Advance!


Hi @prabakaran.s
In order to color-code email body text, HTML is the way to go.
And to your requirement of having the email body configurable, you might want to consider having the plain text configurable and insert the configuration value as-in into a single HTML block. And have your failure count or other stats separately added to the email content (not included in the configurable value, but appended to it in code or otherwise)

Yes is possible:
use send email activity and select for body property “use word document” and browse for a word document that contains the message you want to send formated in any way you need (colors also)


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