Is it possible to add color to text in email body?

Is it possible to add color to text in email body? Thanks

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Kindly have a view in this

The question has a example with it
Cheers @hsendel

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Thanks @Palaniyappan, in my case I want to specify which word need to be colored.

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Yes, you definitely can. The email bodies can be interpreted as HTML, so you can use CSS in order to color specific portions of your text. Here’s how you do CSS colors.

Specifically, doing something like this should change the color of only a single word to red for instance:

hello <span style="color:red;">world</span>. hello world.

Which will look like this:


Thx @dmccammond, Is it possible to have the word as variable, let me explain: suppose you scrap a portion of text from news paper in the net and you want to send the extracted information by email and you want to highlight each encountered word " Hello" by red color, Possible?

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Of course, you’d use string concatenation. Using the previous example:

"News paper info: <span style='color:red;'>" + YourVariableName + "</span>"

I will share an xaml example to make things more clear.Thx