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I have an automation that is in PROD. It sends an email from a text file (Notepad). I need to add wording to the text file. does that mean I will have to republish the automation to orchestrator? or is there a way to add the wording and it automatically updates?


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Hi @mlmyers,

Take a look this package. It has many functionality for the text base files.


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Where is the text file located?? If it is in your project filder itself, you need to republish after each change. If the changes are very frequent you can think of having this text file on a shared drive

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If the text file is in a set location (as in, it is NOT in the project folder) then you can update the text file directly using notepad (or any other text editor).

If the text file is published with the project you can do one of two things:
Option A: Change the file and republish to Orchestrator (this is by far the best way)
Option B: Go to the project location (C:\Users\{username}\.nuget\packages\{package_name}\{package_version}\lib\net45) on each machine that runs the project and modify the file there. Be sure to reflect that change in the version of the project you’re publishing from so that the next update doesn’t override it.


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