Testing of the RPA Bot after development

Hi there, I am new to UiPath (so to say RPA), and have recently got selected in a company for RPA Testing. I’m yet to join the company next month. I have some manual software testing experience, but have no idea about how and what tests are performed on the RPA Bots after development. Tried googling to get hold of some resources which can give me thorough knowledge on this topic, but unfortunately couldn’t find any resources to gain any insight from.

I need an in-depth knowledge on the Testing Life Cycle in RPA. What tests are performed on the RPA bots after development, and how are they performed. What set of tools are used throughout the entire Testing Phase.

There are so many talented, experienced & resourceful developers & testers in this giant forum. I am pretty sure you guyz will certainly help me out in this dire situation. Thanks in advance. I’ll be truly grateful.

hi @dishadixit94,

Uipath is conducting a webinar for Test Suite , Below is the Link - You can attend it to have a session on RPA Testing. This may Help


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Thanks a lot @mukeshkala

I guess this will be a savior.

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But still i want to know what kind of tests were performed on the bot, and how were they performed

I want to know how and what tests were performed on the bots till now (in the conventional way, without using the UiPath Test Suite). Can someone kindly reply to this. It will be really helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @dishadixit94 currently I’m in the same situation of you couple of months before, could you please let me know if you found some info or how did you do it in your new job.

Thank you