20th May 2020 : UiPath Test Suite | RPA Testing - Virtual Meetup

Hello UiPath Champions :blush:,

After UiPath Test Suite - 360 Tour & UiPath Mobile Automation virtual meetups , its time to deep dive into RPA Testing. UiPath Test Suite enables RPA teams to scale RPA quickly & sustainably with comprehensive RPA testing capabilities.

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Date & Time2020-05-20T13:30:00Z

UiPath Test Suite is not just the solution for Software testing team to test their software applications but its also a solution for RPA team to help them to test their robotic Process Automation more effectively and efficiently. RPA developers can now create tests straight from their workflows, data-drive those tests and execute them leveraging UiPath Orchestrator. Test Suite help RPA teams reduce robot maintenance allowing them to focus on building new robots.

Doing the same repetitive, routine tasks, that are dreary and uninteresting, again and again is boring. This boredom quickly turns into pain. RPA cures this deadly boredom by taking the robot out of you to relieve you from this pain. That’s the dream of RPA. This dream is repeatedly killed by the maintenance of your automated business processes. Maintenance often quickly becomes the number one bottleneck in scaling RPA across the enterprise.

Join @IngoPhilipp & @ThomasStocker to learn how the UiPath Test Suite helps you to continuously test your RPA to realize its benefits without getting trapped in a maintenance nightmare.


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Thank you for the wonderful opportunity!!!

I have doubt which is,

does it has need any qualification or any one can reserve the virtual seat???


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Anyone can attend the session. However if you have some understanding of RPA, you will find it more useful.


Thank you for your quick reply sir,


Hey @Vibhor.Shrivastava @loginerror hope you guys doing good. :wink:
Just a quick suggestion can we have feature where registered user gets recording link for these virtual stream/meetup/webinar etc . I know most of the folks here register but due to timeline conflicts or other work they can’t attend the live session.



Hi Dilip,

Yes , we will post the recording link here also. If you notice, UiPath test suite and UiPath Mobile automation recording is also shared in the post here. We also send email to all registered user post sessions.




Hi Everyone,
I would like you to check out our Test Suite Survey and all materials related to the webinar. Just simply go to the very first post and you may find it at the bottom or just click HERE

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May i know what is the purpose of mobile automation & how it is usefull for business.

Hello, is load testing and performance testing possible via uipath test suite?

Hi @snehal.jiri,

This sounds odd. Can you let me knw what are you trying to test/verify and when the orchestrator shows the result as test case failed, what is the reason it displays? ( You hav the option ‘View Assertions’ to know why the test case is failed).

We don’t offer any out of the box capabilities for load/performance testing in the current release but we are always open for third party integrations(Do suggest if you/your organisation prefer any vendor). We are working on this, please stay tuned.

I want, im from mexico ty

@Vibhor.Shrivastava hey sir i have question regarding uipath test suit ,when we do software testing by using another testing tool we have to create framework so my question us this as per we know for rpa process we have REF framework for any business process by uipath but in same way we can think of any testing framework by uipath can we updated in uipath studio?