Test Suite Integration with Rally

Hi Team,

We can integrate ALM tools such as JIRA, Servicenow, etc. with UiPath Test Suite. Is it possible to integrate “Rally” with Test Suite? If so, do we need to create custom connector for Rally from integration service?

Suresh C

No “Rally” is not possible to integrate with test manager
only mentioned tools are possible to integrate

You might be able to do it using Webhooks - maybe give this a try?
I dont have a Rally environment to test - but assuming it has webhook support as described in the documentation this might work. Good luck!

UiPath docs: Test Suite - Webhooks (uipath.com)
Rally Docs: Manage Webhooks (broadcom.com)
General Example: davidledeaux/RallyWebhooks: Proof of concept ways to use Rally (Agile Central) webhooks (github.com)

Hello @suresh.c4,

May be you can explore UiPath Test Manager Connect -Planview® Tasktop Hub 23.1
Which facilities for 60 ALM tools
Please have a look at this document