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I am automating web application using Uipath .Is it possible to generate test report in UiPath.

Please help!!!

Yes it is definitely possible to generate a HTML report ,
You would need to incorporate the below package and add your tests into the TRY block,

Video explanation of the same,

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Here’re some useful links…
…All about the UiPath Test Suite.

(+) Website

(+) Factsheet

(+) Videos

(+) Training

(+) Documentation

(+) Contact

Here’s a true end-to-end demo for the UiPath Test Suite:

@mzahid Thanks…!

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Is their any Inbuilt Feature available for the same?

Hi @mzahid,

Do you have an example using the Test Report Generator ?
Can you please share ?

I am attaching my example, not sure why I am getting the result as “PASSED” instead of “FAILED”.

simple_try_catch.xaml (6.5 KB)


Please use the end test activity inside of THEN block of IF


Then your report will show, as FAILED

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How to add new column in the report ? i would like to add an error message to indicate in which step it failed the test. Can you please help me with this? @mzahid

Thank you.
Can you please share the XAML file ?


simple_try_catch.xaml (7.3 KB)

Sure,Please find attached

@chaitali.tilgule , I am sorry these reports are custom developed . I don’t think we can customize and add columns, However I would suggest you to add a log message activity and log the appropriate error messages so that you can use them to extract the error message from your log file which is present in your local hard disk location C:\Users\xxxxxx\AppData\Local\UiPath\Logs

You can even try asking the same customizing option of adding extra columns to the developer (@Rammohan91) who has created this beautiful package. You can do that from connect url as below

I do see that somebody has already asked this question to @Rammohan91

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@mzahid Thanks…!!!

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Hi @mzahid,

in the xaml you sent to me,
if you change the condition to a<>7, it does not work.

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