Test Manager: Order of Test Case Execution in a Test Set

I’m new to UiPath, and I’ve been playing with Test Manager. When assigning Test Cases to a Test Set, I see that there is a sequential number appended to the Project Name (for example: Project1:1, Project1:2, Project1:3…). However, there doesn’t appear to be any way (at least I haven’t found it) of sorting the test cases by these, and the order of execution seems to be random. I can’t figure out how to control the order of test case execution within a test set. Given there’s a sequential key, I would think there must be a way of controlling the order of execution, but maybe not?

Any help with this would be appreciated.

Just an update on this for anyone having a similar question/issue. After meeting with UiPath, this is not currently possible, but is planned to be added in the near future.

sorry but for us it’s quite tedious and I honestly don’t understand why this isn’t possible.

Hello @michael.zech what about creating mulitple Testsetwhich is having testcases in priority and execute the testsets??

For eg:
.Testset1: Testcase1,Testcase3,Testcase5
Testset2: Testcase2,Testcase4

This is an endless discussion. There are even more suggestions from UiPath, such as “Make a test case that runs all other test cases in the desired order” or the statement “UiPath believes that all test cases should run independently of each other.” …

I think UiPath’s solutions are really great, there are a lot of things that make them different from other solutions that are great, but in any other testing tool you can order test cases in a test set, that’s a basic feature.

Your proposed solution is of no use to us at all, because we would have to create a test set for each individual test case, which is not only cumbersome, but also generates quite a bit of extra work and I don’t see any point in it. Among other things, we test the following:

  • Customer opening
  • Account opening
  • Depot opening
  • Make a Payment
  • Buy shares
  • etc

This is neither an END-TO-END test case, as claimed by UiPath, nor can these test cases be started independently of each other, because without a customer there is no account and without an account there is no payment etc.

UiPath always points out that you can run your tests on multiple machines at the same time. I think it’s great, but please give me the opportunity to decide for myself. A machine and in what order.

Hey Michael - totally agree with your points. There’s obviously more tedious ways around this, but not practical in many cases. IMO this was a major oversight when they designed the Test Manager. As I mentioned previously, I have spoken to UiPath about this and they told me that it is on their future development list and the person was hopeful that it would be added soon. I was hoping it would be in this latest release, but it wasn’t :-(.

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