Unable to define order of execution in test suite

I have 5 test cases how can I define the order of the execution of these test cases?

@parvathy.suresh Did you created the testset and tried to execute?

@parvathy.suresh Hi, typically you build first your testcases and then create a test set out of it. In a test set you can define which test case is first, which second and so on.

Hope that helps

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@parvathy.suresh you can refer to below video for further reference

UiPath-Test Manager detailed |Features of Test Manager explained |Manual & Automation Test execution

@anob As you said we can define how which tc to execute first, I dont see that option to define this order. Could you please put a screenshot of where this setting resides.

@Rahul_Unnikrishnan Thanks for the video. I watched it but doesnt have anything related to define the order of execution.

Hello @parvathy.suresh

Did you tried creating separate testsets based on priority and to execute.

For example if you have 5 testcases

Test1,Test3,test4 needs to execute first and then Test2 and Test5

Then try to create 2 testsets:

Testset1: Test1,Test3,test4
Testset2:Test2, Test5

I hope this can work for you. Then select both Testset1 and testset2 and execute.

@parvathy.suresh Have you tried scheduling: Test Schedules

I also think to set the order is important in testing proces, we also struggle with this, for good reporting and analysis this is needed, every other testtool i know have this possibility, UiPath must learn RTA is a different kind of work then RPA. I understand it’s on the roadmap for 2023.4 release