Test Manager Installation - rollback just before finishing the installation

Hi everyone

I have a problem with the Test Manager Installation
The installation performed rollback and cleanup everything just before finishing the installation

I manage to check the log and found:

Identity provisioning arguments: install --appSettingsPath “C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\TestManager\appsettings.Production.json” --identityUrl “https://winserver/identity” --identityInstallationToken “eyCg" --orchestratorUrl “https://winserver/” --orchestratorTenantName “Default” --orchestratorAdminPassword "*” --testManagerUrl “https://testmanager.local:8443
Error code: 1 ARG_ERR_APP_SETTINGS_PATH_NOT_FOUND, Message: Response file not found ‘********’
Required argument missing for option: --orchestratorAdminPassword

Can anyone help me with the error message on log?

Problem solved by using the right database and the testmanagerurl should be the hostname:port

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