Test Manager Cloud is now in Public Preview

Dear Community!
We are more than excited to announce that Test Manager Cloud is now in public preview.

This is your jump start to the power of the UiPath Test Suite with all the convenience of the UiPath Automation Cloud.
Test Manager is the glue between UiPath Studio, Orchestrator and a wide variety of 3rd party ALM tools. It seamlessly integrates your testing efforts into your development cycle.

To get a quick overview, just lean back and watch this video.

Key Features

  • Build powerful testing portfolios for automated and manual testing.
  • Create automated test cases with UiPath Studio and run them via Orchestrator.
  • Consume results of all the test runs in Test Manager.
  • Create bug reports in your favorite bug tracking solution directly from test results.
  • Synchronize requirements from your agile planning- or requirements management tool.

How to get started
As an administrator:

  1. Enable the Test Manager service on your tenant via the tenant settings.
  2. Assign “Automation Developer - Named User” licenses to users who then can access Test Manager.

Enjoy the Automation Cloud with Test Manager. In case you have questions or want to provide feedback, just let us know here on the forum.


Hi @Gernot_Brandl,

This is the way!

The community appreciates that we get to test the Test Manger features. No amount of demonstration of a product is going compete with access to a hands-on sandbox.

For people who are new to the automation cloud GUI:

  1. Log into your Community Automation Cloud → Click on Admin → Tenants → Right hamburger menu → Choose tenant settings → Check TestManager
  2. After a page refresh, the left vertical menu will contain TestManager icon

This activation process could definetly be improved for not just Test Manager but other services as well.

We are excited to test this indepth. Kudos to the team!


Great news. On with the testing. Much appreciated!

Thank you Jeevith!

Hello @jeevith,

I did the settings as you suggested but how to access the test manager means how to get the URL for test manager?
Please guide.