Can I explore Test Manager and Test Robots using Free Trial option?

I want to test StudioPro

At the moment, there is no public trial for Test Manager available. Please contact us to learn how you can evaluate Test Manager.

@Gernot_Brandl We are doing a 60 day trial with Test Manager but need to connect to Azure DevOps, current option in Test Manager are Jira and XRay. Can you advise how to get the connector for Azure?

An Azure DevOps connector is not yet available yet. It is planned for the future though there is no release date yet.

Do we have a trial version of test manager available now?

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Please let me know if we can install the test suite in our local machine Windows 10.

@Gernot_Brandl Is there available a public trial for the test manager?

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Hi @Gernot_Brandl,
About a year after the TS asked the same question I have right now: Is there a way to evaluate the UiPath Test Manager? Iā€™d request a 60d trial period and it seems the licenses and Studio Pro are configured as needed.
Is it possible to use the Test Manager for evaluating purposes?

Hi @HowToDoIT,

you can download Testmanager and install it:

If you have the trial Enterprise license it should work (tested it in April 21)