Test is not open after 24 hours

Mine is not opening after 24 hours. It says review all the materials. How I can take the test again?

I also wonder are you changing/correcting any answers during the test is open?


Hello Kyre,

This is the intended behavior - you have 3 attempts at the final certification exam, if you happen to fail all 3 times the course will be locked and you will need to go through all the lessons and materials again in order to access the final quiz.

Good luck!

Hi Roxana,

I am confused. I think I did the review. How test will understand that I have done the review? Could you also answer second question?


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Hi Kyre,

It will understand based on the settings that are made in the background (sequential, consecutive learning, maximum 3 attempts for certification quiz.). Have you gone through all the materials and played the videos until the end for the second time?


My quizzes are all 100. I am watching the videos from you tube because I can see screen larger and I can changed the speed. I already downloaded samples. So I am assuming I just need watch videos?

Also please note that it said test will be re open in 24 hours. I log in in 24 hours after. Now it says I need to review again.
Is there any way I can e-mail some questions directly?


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Yes - you need to watch the videos. The test is locked 24 hours after failing it 3 times (let’s say you somehow manage to go through al the lessons, materials and videos in less than 24 hours then you will not be able to take the test until 24 hrs have passed). Except the 24hours rule there is an additional one in order to be able to take the exam, that is to go through all the materials&videos once again.

Best regards,

OK Thank you