Test Activity Not Working!


I’m using the latest UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities 21.10.5 package where activities are highlighted in green. I used to work on the classic activites that work fine and quick. However, whenever I want to test an activity, it ignores it and throws an error in the output telling me:

Use Browser Chrome: New Tab: Could not find the user-interface (UI) element for this action.

Possible solutions:
• Ensure application is opened and the UI element is visible on the screen at execution time
• Edit the Target of the UI activity and use Validation to debug the issue.
• If needed, re-indicate the element as its properties might have changed
• Use “Check state” activity to check the application state before executing the action
• Increase the “Delay before” value to allow time to the application to render entirely and become responsive

However, despite the false errors, the activities all execute normally when I debug the sequence right from the start which is weird. So how do I test activities one at a time? Coz right now I’m unable to continue my project. Thx.

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Problem Solved. Ignore.

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Care to share how this was resolved?

Using classic and modern activities is what used to cause this problem. Using both of them in your project is not recommended. It’s best to use the current modern ones only which will work as the classic is being deprecated. Modern ones have better built-in features as well. Hope that helps.