Testing activities in new UiPath.UIAutomation with modern design?


With the modern design target actions requires an “use app/use browser” application scope. When using this how do you go around testing different individual actions ? Right click and ‘test’ on a single action will fail because it needs to run in the app scope. If you have multiple actions in the app scope, you might not want to run all of them, just one.
How can one do that in an efficient and easy way?

Good question, probably an obvious answer but I don’t know it :confused:

This problem has been solved in earlier updates, so it is no longer an issue

It doesn’t work for me unfortunately, all my packages are up to date, so might need a newer version of studio (20.10) but can’t upgrade due to IT.

yeah, you need newer version of studio. I believe it was fixed in 21.4

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