Terminal Connection Error: sshUnknownError

Hi All,

Our IBM iAccess AS400 test environment recently got updated to 7.4. Since this upgrade, I am unable to open a terminal session using a direct connection.

At first; we believed it was an issue with the TLS version. However, I de-activated the use of TLS 1.0 and 1.1 to force my laptop to make a connection through TLS 1.2, but I keep getting the same error continuously.

Any idea what the cause of this issue could be? Does the UiPath Terminal Session go through an earlier version of TLS and should I wait for a later version of the Terminal Activities package?


  • Error Message: “Terminal Session: There was an error connecting to terminal. Error code: SshUnknownError”
  • Activity Package: UiPath.Terminal.Activitieis 2.2
  • Direct Connection
  • TN5250
  • IBM1148
  • Port 992
  • Enable SSL: Yes

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi @willemvg , were you ever able to resolve this issue? I’m running into the exact same message all of a sudden (on all of our machines, also ones that worked perfectly fine earlier this week), but can’t find any info whatsoever.

Hi Erik,

Sorry for the late reply, only saw the notification just now.
Yes, we were able to solve this, as we worked together with the UiPath team that developed this activities package in finding and solving the issue.

UiPath was using old versions of SSH, which were not accepted anymore by our updated environment.
This resulted in the update of the package, v2.4, which is working for us now!

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