Terminal Connection Error: sshUnknownError

Hi All,

Our IBM iAccess AS400 test environment recently got updated to 7.4. Since this upgrade, I am unable to open a terminal session using a direct connection.

At first; we believed it was an issue with the TLS version. However, I de-activated the use of TLS 1.0 and 1.1 to force my laptop to make a connection through TLS 1.2, but I keep getting the same error continuously.

Any idea what the cause of this issue could be? Does the UiPath Terminal Session go through an earlier version of TLS and should I wait for a later version of the Terminal Activities package?


  • Error Message: “Terminal Session: There was an error connecting to terminal. Error code: SshUnknownError”
  • Activity Package: UiPath.Terminal.Activitieis 2.2
  • Direct Connection
  • TN5250
  • IBM1148
  • Port 992
  • Enable SSL: Yes

Thanks in advance for your help!