Terminal Activities Send Control Key [Shift + F5 / F17]

Hi all,
I refer to the post here: Shift + F3 Combination In Terminal - #4 by ddrdushy1
I am need to send shift + F5 into my terminal but am unable to do so.
I am using UiPath’s internal emulator and the Send Control Key activities to send [F17] but the exception message thrown is “ErrorSendKeys”

I have checked the mapping of the AS400 client and it seems to be correct.

Does anyone have a clue how to do so, thanks.


Please read this attachment you can use this emulator program with invoke Code activity inside the Terminal Session.
emulator_programmingV60.pdf (1.9 MB)

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I found the solution to be:
Send Control Key PA2 and then, Send Control Key F5.

Thanks for your help.



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