Terminal Activities not getting All text from Screen

Hi all,
I am using the get Text activity to read text from a terminal screen (Direct Connection, VT, SSH protocol and Terminal mode is VT420 (48x132) which is the largest screen).
When the text returned is minimal, the getText returns all the text, but when there is a large data (and the screen has scrolled up such that some of the text disappears), it only returns what is currently visible on the screen. How do I get all the data returned following the last command I sent?
I have tried sending the “clear” command just before I send my command to retrieve data, but that hasn’t helped in all cases.

Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated. Thanks!

Try to use the Computer vision activities. I think in that CV Table Extract scroll automatically. Also try CV get text also.

In CV Table Extract: you want to extract a scrollable table. The activity automatically scrolls down and detects the end of the table.

WIll this help with a terminal session where the top part of the output has already disappeared from the screen? Not sure CV is the solution here.

Is there a way to make the terminal screen bigger than the biggest dimension provided in the dropdown (in my case: VT420 (48x132)?

I couldn’t find an elegant solution to this, so I used cat command to write the output to file and download it to local. This solved my problem.

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