“Templateless Invoice Extraction” Self Learning

Hi ,
I tried to create “Templateless Invoice Extraction” (sample project attached) but sometime the PO number is not extracted and I have to open “Present Validation Station” to add the correct value.

Please let me know what can I do in order to make the project extract the PO number when the invoice template is the same.

Rafik Beshara

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Hello @Rafik.Beshara

Welcome to the community!!!

I have also come across this same scenario multiple times through Templateless invoice extraction. What I did is, I used a Regex extractor along with the machine learning extractor to match the regex pattern and capture the fields that machine learning extractor is unable to capture directly. I think this same approach can help get your scenario fixed too…

Try it out and let me know how it goes…


Hi @Lahiru.Fernando

Thanks for your replay.

How can I use Regex extractor in this case, the pattern is shared ,for example PO# is number(digit) and invoice# is number (digit) so how can I write Regex extractor to get PO# only.

Rafik Beshara