Task Mining Case Studys? Trial Projects? Sample data? Looking to Demo

Hi all -

I’ve recently taken the training for Task Mining. Are there any sample projects/datasets that we can use to demo this?

Task mining usecase will be kind of fun to have. But ideally it’s exploring automation opportunities via AI.

You can use the recorder and perform the tasks that seems to be repetitive and analyze the output, that’ll y give you some idea :slight_smile:

So have a look at some videos to understand the actual process by which it track your steps.

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You can try this following examples.

1.Web Application Task Analysis:
Concentrate on how users engage with a web application. Investigate how users traverse online pages, enter data, and complete tasks inside the web application.
2.Analysis of Desktop Application Interaction:
Investigate how consumers engage with desktop applications. Capture information about mouse clicks, keyboard inputs, and menu choices.