Task Mining is now in General Availability for Enterprise customers

We are excited to announce that UiPath Task Mining is now in General Availability. Task Mining captures employees’ day-to-day desktop activities and applies artificial intelligence (AI) to identify repetitive tasks that have high potential for automation, which enables more efficient and productive work.

With the new integration with UiPath AI Center (formerly AI Fabric), you can use the new out-of-the-box UiPath Task Mining package available in AI Center. When uploading data to AI Center, you now have several new options that allow you to better configure the application and facilitate the performance of this process. The AI analysis only takes a few steps, requires no data science knowledge, and results are uploaded automatically to the Task Mining project.

Using advanced machine learning, Task Mining teases out frequent tasks and patterns to build a high-value automation pipeline. Get the benefits of full integration with the end-to-end UiPath Platform, including one-click exports to PDD files or into UiPath Studio for speedy bot building.

To learn more, navigate here or contact our sales representative directly to try it out.

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Good Morning,
I am struggling to figure out how to add the task mining to my automation hub, I cant see it in my tenants, is there a way around this, if so please can you assist me

Is it available for community users or available only for enterprise users?
What is the cost if want to use task mining only?
Is there any certification available for task mining?

Hello. I have access to UiPath Task Mining and am looking a ready-to-go dataset to show off the full functionality of the product. Looking for any dataset but preferably something capital markets / investment banking related (anything linked to client onboarding / maintenance, trade lifecycle etc.)

@loginerror I understand you may be able to help or point me in the right direction?

Thanks for your help,

Hi, UiPath Task Mining can be enabled as a Trial for 60 days on Cloud Pro Trial.
(Enabling the service)

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