Task canceled on using ctrl f

Hi there im using studio, and whenever i press ctrl F, it says " task was canceled" and crashes

Can anyone tell me why. Its causing me huge trouble.


Are you using send hot keys activity? In excel to format or as a find?


Thank you for responsing.

No hotkeys activity, no.

But i Am using excel on the same PC.


Can you please provide more details…on when and where you are trying to use this


Hi anil I’m using it to find activities and variables in the main process sequence in a UiPath studio project flow chart.

I guess it’s a fairly standard usage of Ctrl f but it’s causing a crash. Would screenshots help?



  1. Is it happening for every project ? Or only for any specific project?
  2. Does the project have more xamls and is it huge?
  3. If we use the find option in the top ribbon even then the task is cancelled?
  4. Please confirm the studio version and which compatibility is being used

If its happening only to a specific project then is it possible to attach the project here