Taking screenshot in Try Catch block on dual screens

I am able to capture screens through out my flow as expected, i also want to capture last screen before the error is thrown, so i put take screenshot activity in Try catch block.
Now as i use dual monitor, it is capturing 2 screen as one image( only Try catch block, rest all perfect).
Started a new topic, as similar topic not resolved.

any advice on how to capture only one screen?


I didn’t get this point. Using dual monitor in the sense are you connecting other system remotely or what ?

thanks for response.

I mean Extended Display
(Laptop connected to monitor
1 laptop screen, 2 Monitor screen)


Here, Take screenshot activity is like print screen option.

If you want to take screenshot of particular position then check below thread and it might help you.

My question is different from the thread you attached, Thankyou.
I am able to get all screenshots in my flow perfectly.
only in Try catch activityimage

Screenshot captured is with dual screens.

any suggestion?

@Palaniyappan Could you help me on this?

So you want to select only that white screen
If so we can choose that as a element did we try that
Cheers @Divyatirunagari

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1.Properties of take screenshot in Try catch
2.Properties of Take Screenshot in workflow surrounded by Try catch

Both are same Except the output variable
but 1. screenshot in Try catch is dual display and 2. Flow screenshot is perfect
why this difference?
Pls advice