Taking Screenshot does not work in PiP mode


I’ve searched the forum but seems like everyone is having a similar issue. Is there official confirmation that the Taking screenshot activity, both for the classic and modern activity types, does not work in PiP mode?

“Taking Screenshot” activity could vary depending on the specific version of UiPath Studio or the environment in which it is running.


I am using Studio version 2022.4.1 Enterprise license edition for reference.

Hi @HMJason

PiP mode can cause issues with screen capture activities, including the “Take Screenshot” activity. This is because PiP mode creates a separate window that overlays the original window, and some screen capture tools may not be able to capture the content of the overlay window. For the Take Screenshot activity element has to be appear in display when it is in PiP mode.


But in PiP mode i can see the window is active?
Is there any alternatives in capturing screenshots while in PiP mode?