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For take screenshot, do I have to indicate on target? What happens if I don’t indicate?

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Hi @A_Learner

If you don’t indicate the target, it will take literally an screenshot of what is currently in the screen, no matter if there is any kind of pop up or varius applications open at the same time

if you indicate the target application, it will focus just to retrieve the screenshot from that application


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Hi @A_Learner ,

It will take the screenshot of the current window and save it as image.


Thank you @fernando_zuluaga and @vishal.kp


Is it okay to indicate the main page of the application, it does not need to be the exact error page, correct?

Yes, @A_Learner ,

The top selector is enough to get the screenshot of the window.


Thank you, @vishal.kp

If in a web application, there can be several pages for example Employee page, pay page etc. if I want to capture error in pay page can I use employee page or does it have to be pay page?

@A_Learner , you can keep the first line of the selector, which only indicates the parent window of the web application and not the sub pages.


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