Take screen shot system error

Hi Guys,
When i encounter a system error, the take screen shot instead of giving the picture of the screen where actual error encountered, is giving me screen shot of the UIStudio code where takescreenshot is placed. attaching below the screenshot, i thought we dont have to touch this piece of code and it will do its job properly. but i guess there needs some changes. pls advice

Hi @Rani1978

You dont need to touch this part of the code. It should work on it’s own.

Try running the process in Run mode and see how it works. I think you are running in debug mode. When running in debug mode, studio also resides in the screen… when executing in Run mode, studio minimizes… this will work for you I think.

Try and let me know…

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may be, yes i am running in the debug mode. Thanks for your advise, i will try in run mode and let you know the result. Thanks once again.

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