Take screenshot of system exception after max retry

If the system exception occurred even after max retry. We would like to take the screenshot of the screen and send email to us.

The current flow is taking screenshot … But it is taking screenshot once the browser is closed due to system exception.

I have set max retry count : 3 in queue and same value is updated in config file.

Currently I have placed take screenshot workflow in the finally block of “Try Catch SetTransactionStatus (SE)” ( please refer the above screenshot)

Please let us know where exactly I need to place the take screenshot workflow to take screenshot when the system exception occurred ONLY after max retry count is reached

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Try to place it in main xaml try catch block so it will capture before the exception block executed.


But we want to take screenshot and send email only after the max retry count is reached… If i place the main xaml try catch block … it will take only after max retry is reached or everytime the system exception occured?

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Hey @Sathish_Kumar_S

Kindly no need to place any new take screenshot.

Method 1

Just get the screenshot path as an out argument from the Take screenshot workflow already present inside Set Transaction.

And the same can be mailed.

Method 2

In the same place where the screenshot is taken inside Set Transaction you can do the mailing action.

The Set Transaction we are talking above is for system exception

Hope this helps


Awesome… Thank you Nithin…it worked.

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Cool @Sathish_Kumar_S


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