Take a screnshot for every image in a captcha

Hi to Everyone! :slight_smile:

I’m currently working on a possible captcha solver using an RPA solution.
My purpose is to decompose the entire captcha into the images of which it is composed.
To do that I’d like to take a screenshot of every image inside the captcha, but I don’t know how to do that.

Using the “Take screenshot” activity I’m only able to select a specific image of the grid. There is a way, maybe with optical recognition, to know the number of the image inside the captcha grid and a way to automatize the screenshot for every image?

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Hey @Re_Walter

Please explain through screenshots ?

Also automating captcha may not be an ethical way.


Hello @Re_Walter

Do you want just to take the screenshot of the captchas or you want to solve it? Captcha solving will not work usually as it is designed to block the bots entry.

If you just need to take the screenshot maybe you can try the Modern screenshot activity, where you can indicate on a element and it will capture the image of that.

Hi @Nithinkrishna, thanks for the reply.

I am currently working on a captcha solver using RPA, it is part of my research, to prove whether this could be possible or not

My idea for this project is to use RPA to collect each image from the captcha grid, and for each image call a python script in order to detect if the image is in the solution.

I’m using the “take screenshots” task for the screenshot, but I’m not able to automate the screenshot for each image.
Is there any way to do that? Maybe with a loop, or some activity that gives me the number of pictures in the grid, and collect them.

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Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan, thanks for the reply.

The purpose of this project is to try to solve a captcha.
My idea is to collect all the images from a captcha grid and then use a python script to see which images are in the solution.

So, for the moment I am trying to collect all the pictures, but with the task “Take screenshot” I can not do more than one screenshot, so is there a way to automate this process? Maybe with a loop of each image; but how can I get the images to iterate between them?

Many thanks.


Share a screenshot of the page and mark the captcha which you need to take the screenshot.

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan, thanks for your reply.

This is a screenshot taken from Google reCAPTCHA test, where I can test re-captcha.

From this, my purpose is to collect every single image from the captcha.

In this case the captcha wants “crosswalk” so, in order to mark the right images, what I want to try is to give every image to a python script that, for each image, returns the right decision.

I’m trying using the “Find children” activity to extract all images, but till now I don’t have any success. Have you any suggestions?

Many thanks!


Okay that thing is bit tricky may be you need to know the grid size to capture it.

So that based on the co-ordinates we can take a snap of each image !

if you manually take a screenshot of any captcha and pass it to python script, is it returning the correct result?

once you using take screenshot activity then you should use save image , try to indicate the window instead of selecting particular element , save image like image_dd-mm-yy-hh-mm-ss.png format

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan, thanks for your reply.

I don’t have a Python script right now.
What I explained in my previous answer is just a concept, an idea, with which I would try to solve this problem.

For now, my goal is only to collect images, also because I think that a python program, or, generally a program, that takes an image and a string into input and returns the correlation between them might already be available.

Hi @Nithinkrishna, thanks for your reply.

Your solution could work, but if the size of the captcha changes, the RPA could be not useful anymore.
I’m trying to make the solution as general as possible.

Many thanks.


Hi @Veera_Raj, many thanks for your reply.

If I take the screenshot of the entire window how I can extract the images from it?

If I understand what do you mean, do you suggest taking a screenshot like that?

I don’t think the captcha grid size changes so far as I have seen.

Hi everyone.

I was able to solve the problem.

I use “Find Children” to obtain an output containing theUiElement of the images.
With the ForEach, I was able to take the screenshot for every images.

Thanks to all for the help :slight_smile:

Oh great, then each image is identifiable as a UiElement!

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