Table extraction1

Need to extract the values from a table in an web application and i need to find two valies from table one is variable and another one is an to extract the values from the table.and get one particular icon alone .
Note there are multilple icons but i need to get only one particular icon alone

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it would be helpfully when you can illustrate your case with some more details / screenshots

Have a look below on using data extraction and doing some customizations

Hi ppr

A web app contains a table with few coloums where there is coloumn containg an icon with multiple colours i need to get the one particular colour along with the condition with the version which has particular key word matching icon should be clicked for viewing the data

Hello @gowtham_tamil

Do you need to extract the table or you just need to check for the color and click?

If yes, you need to use the get attribute and get the color code. Then use the click acitvity.


Hai @Rahul_Unnikrishnan,

I need to extract the data based upon the colour of icon from the table with the key values in the table.

will that be possible to share a screenshot?