Extract unstructured Html datatable

Please kindly help me with approaches for How to extract an unstructured Html data table from a chrome web browser?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Pratiksha_Mahajan

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@ppr , Can you please help on this?

We have gone through below post of yours but we are not able to find the solution.

In our case, we have many multiple data table which we need to extract. The code which we built on one of the data table where the data rows are 9, but when the bot is running and the data table is having more than 9 rows then it is not able to extract the data table properly.

Here I think we need to do the XML dynamic!!

may we ask you to share some more details/samples on it? Especially to get a better understanding of what is meant with unstructured in detail.

In general we had made good experience with

  • find children and processing the returned children
  • XML Processing

For the last we should keep in mind, that HTML can conflict withXML Api, when e.g. elements are present which are not XML conform (<br>, not closing the empty tag). But depending on the cases we did overcome such things as well e.g. with text replacements to make them conform

@ppr Unstructured html in the sense we are not able to capture it using the Data extraction window in UiPath. It is giving us the wrong output.

Let me add you in one of my thread. You will have the more details on the same.

Also, @Pratiksha_Mahajan is my teammate. We both are working on this.

Thanks in Advance.