Table Extraction in notepad

Hi all i have one text file and i want to extract table data from posting date to. booking balance as well as grand total .if anyone have idea pls help
Demo.txt (1.2 KB)
sample data to save in excel .l

like this upto grand total

Try generate data table activity.

Hey @sayali_rokade

I want clarification on two points from you, Could you please address it…

  • Will the structure always be the same?
  • Can you please show me the output required by placing one or two rows from notepad to excel manually?


Any way to identify debit and credit value amount from notepad

03/02/2021 NCOL Colles Ouoing coection CINO42000 3,1.00 1,339.62

How will you split the above value manually

@sayali_rokade - Have you used Read PDF to Text to get the Text file? If yes, can you set the “Preserve Format” = True and Regenerate the text file again…That would help to build the regex pattern easily…

Anyway I am 30% done, got struck from the 4th column…

anyone found solution?

Please check the question I asked above?? :point_up_2:

Regex Link

even i have found regex for whole table but i am not able to spilt and segregate in excel i have used <(?=Posting Date Type Type Desc. Description Debit Credit Value-Dated Balance Booking Balance)[/r/R/S]+>


if you are extracting this text from pdf then try to extract with preserve format option set as true and then share the text file.
It is already suggested by @prasath17


Even with the preserve format the output is same.

yes i know,i want segregated output in excel of this table like shared abv.i used useApplication\Browser and counter and save in excel but its is working for single file eveytime we need to give diffrent data Extraction Table for rest pdf not working for multiple files with same format