Table extraction doesn't follow local link

Hi fellow UI Path citizens,

I am new to uipath so bear with me if the question sounds too simple for you.
I want to automate downloading of invoices that reside on an Oracle db.
We use a web based reporting software tool to present the data and one of these columns contains the link to the invoice on the Oracle db.
I tried using the table extraction tool to get these links but when i select that particular column (while i have 'Extract URL’s on in the table extraction tool) it only retrieves the label of the link within that column not the link (read url) itself.
When i use table extraction on an internet page it works fine.
Is there a better way to do this?
Thank you in advance.

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Jeroen Honingh

Firstly, a warm welcome to the UiPath forum @Jeroen_Honingh_S_I_CICT

Are you referring to Data Scrapping for table extraction? With data scrapping, you can customize column headers and choose whether or not to extract URLs.

You can preview the data that is being extracted. Please post your issue with a screen shot, so that the community members could help.


I have the ‘Extract URLs’ option turned on in the Table extraction tool.
You see the table with the column ‘PO print’ with label ‘Bekijk print’ which means view print.
When i click this link it starts to download the invoice.
You can see where the link leads to in the screenshot.

I hope this clarifies it more.

Thank you for replying.