Tab in form design

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In my project i am designing a form, in this form i have created two tabs and inside both tab i am taking different inputs. So in my workflow i want to do different operation based on selected tab.
Means I have created two tab A and B and if user select A and provide required input then, based on A i will do some operation and if select B then i will do another operation.

Is it possible using Tab option in form design.
Please suggest the solution, Thanks

Yes you can use multiple tabs and ‘Simple’ as well as conditions in Forms. Can you explain how conditional you want it to be?

@Raghavendraprasad thanks for the response

As i mentioned above i want two tab in my form and if user select first tab and click on submit then based on that i will call one workflow and if user select second tab and click on submit then i want to call another workflow. For 1st tab i don’t want to give the value of second tab field and vice versa.

So how i will determine in main workflow that which tab user has selected.

Using form fields output (use a string variable with in/out argument property) and then use the string in switch case for different workflow execution.

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